Kāśi Viśweśwara Swāmi (Nagari)

Location: Bugga Agraharam, near Nagari, 56kms SE from Tirupati (route)

Timings: Not closed on afternoons

About the Temple: The temple is located on the banks of Kuśasthali river. It is currently maintained by TTD. The main deity is Śri Kāśi Viśweśwara Swāmi, with His consorts Śri Annapurṇa and Śri Kāmākṣhi Devi. There are many great vṛkṣhas in the temple including the Śiva-liṅga-vṛkṣham shown in the picture. It is said that the Lord likes being worshipped by these flowers a lot.

Other Main Deities: Śri Prayāga Mādhava Swāmi along with His consort Śri Bhūdevi.

Sevas & Festivals: Kalyaṇotsavam seva once in an year on Panguni Uttaram day. The main utsavams are: Pradoṣha pūja (twice a month), Kāla Bhairava Aṣhṭami (monthly), Kārtīka-Induvāsara pūja, Mahā Śiva-rātri.

Near by Temples: Temples in and around Nagari, Temples in Narayana Vanam (route).


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Karthik
    Aug 19, 2010 @ 16:59:30

    Beautiful tree! Lovely to see this temple!


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