बालाजी देवस्थानम्

IMG_20161015_090252.jpgLocation: Map (17.264695, 78.455589). Balaji temple in Mamidipalli village, Badangpetnagar Panchayati, Saroornagar district, Rangareddi.

Timings: Closes in afternoon.


  1. 500 year old temple.
  2. Nearby there is the original Svayambhu murti on a hill.

Details of the Temple: The original swayambhu murti of the Lord appears on top of a hill opposite the current temple structure (Location: 17.262156, 78.458378). Since ascending the hill top may be difficult for devotees, the Lord wished to appear below also (at the current temple location). The current temple structure was built around 400 years back. It is beautiful and well-maintained. The temple is popular among the surrounding villagers.

Logistic Tips (as of 2016): One needs to ascend around 200 steps to reach the Svayambhu temple on the hill.


चीकटि वेङ्कटेश्वरस्वामि मन्दिरम्

IMG_20161015_100356.jpgLocation: Map (17.090671, 78.432788). 40kms from Hyderabad, in Pulimamidi village, Kandukur mandal.




Timings: Open only on Saturdays 8am-11am (contact Pujari @ 9848238080)


  1. Very ancient temple from times unknown (atleast 500 years old as per historical evidences).
  2. Swayambhu murti on a rock inside a cave beneath the earth.
  3. Current temple structure built by Akkanna and Madanna.

Khetra Purāam:

Details of the Temple: This is an ancient cave temple located below the earth level. The narrow steps leading down into the cave are steep and are very difficult for aged people. However, there are only a few (5-6) such steps. Inside the cave, onto the left there is a rock on which Lord Venkateshwara Swayambhu murti appears. There are few steps one has to ascend to reach this rock. Since the murti is extremely ancient, only the Shankha, Chakra and Tiru-naamams are visible currently.

Additionally, the locals recently installed Venkateshwara murtis in the middle of the same cave. There are also newly installed murtis of Ganesh and Shiva in the premises. Lord Hanuman is the Kshetra Palaka and resides outside the cave in the same premises. The temple is located in the middle of fields and is in a scenic environment. Here is a video on the temple: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wMAPO6qe7Y .

Logistic Tips (as of 2016): The cave is completely water-logged when it rains. Hence it is better to avoid visiting in rainy season (especially if travelling from far). Please note the odd temple timings mentioned above. It is recommended to call the Pujari to confirm his presence during the visit on a Saturday.

Kalyāṇa Veṅkaṭeśwara Swāmi (Nārāyaṇa Vanam)

Location: 45km SW of Tirupati (route)

Timings: Not closed on afternoons.

Kṣhetra Purāṇam: This is the place where the Lord was married to Śrī Padmāvatī Devi, who is the daughter of King Ākāśarāja and avatār of Goddess Lakṣhmi. This temple was constructed by the brother-in-law of the Lord in commemoration of the divine marriage.

About the Temple: The Lord appears here with a contradicting alaṅkāram:  He has a Khaḍgam, as He came here for mrgayā-vihāram, and also simultaneously has a Kalyāṇa Rakṣhā-bandhanam, as He got married to the Goddess here. The temple has many antique artifacts which were used during the divine marriage: e.g., a stone used to grind turmeric etc. Nārāyaṇa Vanam was the capital of the king Ākāśarāja and hence has many Temples near-by which were patronized by him. This temple is currently maintained by TTD.

Other Main Deities: Śrī Padmāvati Devi, Śrī Ānḍāl, Sīta Lakṣhmana Sameta Śrī Rāma Chandra Swāmi and Ranganāyaka Swāmi.

Sevas & Festivals: Please refer TTD site.

Near by Temples: Temples in and around Nagari (route) and other temples in Narayana Vanam.